How to protect your car from Rats ?
How to protect your car from Rats ?
How to protect your car from rats
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Rats entering your car will irritate you like anything. It can damage your car electrical wiring, even it can damage seat covers, mats etc. Rats first will enter engine bay area as they usually look for dark and warm place later it can enter inside car dash board via A/C duct.

How did I kept my car away from Rats ?

Recently when I changed my house, in apartment parking are Rats started entering my car engine bay area on daily basis fortunately it did’t harm anything but it used to defecate and urinate. I started keeping rat poison more and more rats started coming to eat that ! I learnt that I should not keep poison as that won’t help also if Rat dies inside your car A/C duct then I don’t have to tell the consequences. One day I woke up early as I was about to start for long drive as a routine I unlocked the car and opened the bonnet for checking oil and coolant. For my surprise, a giant Rat was staring at me and it was not ready to move even after I made so much of noise ! even I took a pic of it !

3 years ago I had the same problem in my other car where it damaged my car wiring and it had entered inside the car via A/C duct and it had damaged floor mat as well so this time I was worried and I badly wanted to keep them away. I searched on internet and kept pouch of naphthalene ball in engine bay. Next morning went and checked guess what ? Rat had entered and slept beside naphthalene pouch and defecated its waste !

Then I searched for repellents online I did’t go for 3M (it was costly ) I ordered TRIBAS Pierats Rat Mouse Repellent Spray for Car (200 ml) after reading very few review !  I got my car washed and in the evening I sprayed on engine and tied jelly box which was part of pack inside engine bay ( I tied it to battery bar ).

Its been 15 days now I am not seeing any trace of rats inside my car ! I still have half of the spray left. Planning to spray it again after 2 months.  I am very much satisfied with this product and I am happy that my car is saved from rats. You can find the product details below and it is available on amazon India.

  • Pierats Rat and mouse repellent keeps rat / mice / rodents away from your car
  • It prevents damages to cables, wires, pipes
  • Spray in your car engine to protect your car wiring from rat. Only repels rats does not kill them
  • Include 200 ml rat repellent, Disposable mask and hand gloves included
  • Environment friendly, it is non-toxic, human safe

Product description

Pierats – The Rat Repellent Spray for Car
RAT REPELLENT is a two-way defense formula against rats. First is the smell of the product, which prevents rats to get into the car engines especially the wires and insulation, once sprayed properly. The smell of the RAT REPELLENT affects the mucous membrane of rats which develop a fear in rats to come near the vehicle for a good period. The bitter taste of the product is the second level of defense built in the product, which prevents Rats from attacking the object. Once sprayed properly Pierats RAT REPELLENT can prevent Rats for a good period from attacking the car.
How to use:
1.Wash the engine with water and let the engine dry.
2.Wear mask and hand gloves.
3.Spray at least half a bottle evenly on the entire engine.

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